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Bikini Time!

In Swim on July 7, 2012 at 4:37 PM

Zimmermann, $123

Mara Hoffman, $91

Victoria’s Secret, $28

Miu Miu, $410

Etro, $180

It’s hot, hot, hot in the Hamptons! It’s the most crowded weekend of the summer thus far, thanks to a confusing Fourth of July holiday, and the beach is definitely the place to be to stay cool in this sweltering heat.

Funky prints and bold hues make for the perfect day in the sun. I’m always looking for flattering silhouettes that are comforting and practical while still stylish and somewhat following the season’s trends.

I particularly like bikinis because if you’re not in the mood to fully show your stomach, you can slip on a beachy maxi skirt or shorts and still expose your upper body–your chest area and arms.

Above are some of my favorite bikinis of the season. Ranging from as low as $28 to as high as $410, the options for bikinis this season are endless, and now’s a great time to purchase since most are on sale.

Stay cool!

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Thursday Wants

In Accessories, Beauty, Shoes, Swim on May 17, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids

Ke$ha’s Jerome Rousseau Pumps

Proenza Schouler

I love getting lost in the internet’s world of e-commerce websites and style guides galore. Some of my favorites? Net-A-Porter, Rent The Runway, and Shop Bop. My grandmother always said that you can never have too much because there is always something new, and she was most certainly right. To indulge at best, browsing online is fast and effective.

Find your favorite regular priced items and keep an eye out for when they go on sale, as getting one of these trendy items above is definitely worth the wait.

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Sizzlin’ In Zimmerman

In Hamptons, Swim on August 1, 2011 at 6:13 PM

After a busy Friday and Saturday in the Hamptons, I feel like I always have Sunday to look forward to.  It’s my day to just let loose, pull back my hair, go makeup-less (with the exception of some mascara), and relax.  As long as Sundays are sunny, I’m always found at the beach in the summer.

Coopers Beach is my favorite beach in the world, and there’s nothing like renting the comfortable beach chairs and umbrellas (and then having them set up by the cute rental guys), enjoying the view of the gorgeous ocean (and lifeguards), while listening to some great music.  I find myself most relaxed at the beach because it’s my time to do the little things I love like reading the gossip magazines or a fun read, calling an old friend, doodling in a notepad, or better yet, taking a catnap, which really only lasts for about 10 minutes, the equivalence of about three Adele songs, which are my “lullaby”, put together.

Whether I’m taking a jog on the beach, hanging with friends on the beach, or sleeping on the beach, I love to put on a great swimsuit.  I always say how it’s never an easy task to find a bathing suit that is my style and still makes me feel like it’s flattering to my body.  At Super Saturday, I made the smartest bathing suit purchase without doing all the right things, like actually trying on the bathing suit.  That’s really the only thing I don’t like about Super Saturday: there are no dressing rooms.

So I purchased a Zimmerman bathing suit at the event, which made me so excited because Zimmerman is my favorite bathing suit line, though the line is usually rather pricey.  I popped into the LA store and saw an adorable suit, but just didn’t even bother because I don’t like spending a ton of money on a suit since I like to have many options.  However, I found the same one at Super Saturday, and got it for $90!

It is a multicolored one-piece (it kind of looks like an under the sea print) that is the most comfortable bathing suit I own.  I’m not a big one-piece type of girl, but this suit is perfect and isn’t like the rest that I have.  The way the boob-cups are designed gives you an extra push up, and the back of the suit looks as if you’re wearing a bikini due to the sexy cut outs.

Because there are so many colors in the suit’s print -black, blue, orange, purple, and yellow- you can accessorize with many colors.  I went simple though with a blue beach bag, blue Havaianas, a silver necklace and bangle, and my Chanel white shades.

I’m obsessed with Zimmerman. If you’re in need of a suit, definitely try out a Zimmerman piece,  and if you find one on sale, go for it, because they’re hard to find!

LA: Beach Bunny

In On Location, Swim on July 28, 2011 at 12:20 PM

Sexy, colorful, fun, girly, and unique are the types of bathing suits that you can find at the adorable Beach Bunny Swimwear boutique in LA.  I always find myself struggling to find that perfect bathing suit in department stores or ones that don’t specialize in swim.  However, the variety of suits at Beach Bunny made for easy and stylish shopping.

Swimwear was divided by color pallet and style.  The first rack when walking in on your left was the pink and yellow pieces which screamed feminine chic.

A rack on the right was full of hot pink and black pieces that were sophisticated with a twist.

A rack in the center, which was my favorite because the suits and coverups were helped designed by the Kardashian sisters, was filled with purples and greens that looked so refreshing.

To the side were racks of white and turquoise pieces, which is always a classic option.

All of the pieces at Beach Bunny have personality and a wow factor, be it the stunning color options, lace finishing, or sexy design.  What I loved just as much as the suits was the fabulous coverups because they were trendy while still being comfortable.

In the back of the store was a large lounge and changing area with big flat screens showing runway videos of the collections.  The store, as a whole, felt very beachy with the aqua walls, wooden floors, and multicolored sandbox in the window with seashells placed ever so precisely.  A cute suit and coverup, a great pair of shades, jelly sandals, and a chic fedora is all you need.  Beach please!

Shimmi Down The Beach

In Swim on July 7, 2011 at 6:28 PM

Dusty J Brand jeans, a half black and half white cropped top, BCBG wedges, and a Louis Vuitton tote was what I wore today.  The city was humid, yet again, and a bit grey with some on and off rain.  I went over to Bergdorf’s this afternoon -the display in the main lobby is so chic and colorful with the happiness of the neons- to cover an event, and I was pleasantly surprised by the merchandise on the 5th floor.  Yes, it was a bit messy due to the big shoe sale, and yes it was a little sad to see some Fall clothes, but there was still a nice variety of summer pieces.

The thought of Fall fashion is actually mind boggling when all I can think of is slipping on on a bathing suit to get some sun at Coopers Beach, eating my favorite panini at Sant Ambroeus that is not available in NYC, and getting at least a little bit more than one hand’s worth of sleep.  I’m so ready to head out East tomorrow.

While I was browsing, I came across a fabulous bikini that gave me the same brightness and excitement that the display at Bergdorf’s did.  I’m such a neon girl, whether it’s pants, nail polish, or bikinis.  Shimmi just came out with a ‘Nicole lace-up bandeau bikini‘ ($195) that is exclusive to

This head-turner will definitely catch some eyes, be it beachside, or poolside.  Show off this electric and vibrant shade by wearing a sheer coverup.  To continue the noticeable chicness of this bright hue, go for a tonal sandal, and make sure to wear a trendy black shade.

So pick out some light summer reads, update your summer playlist as your iPod might just be a necessity, and get ready for a fun and relaxing weekend poolside or on the beach!

Poolside Fierce

In On Location, Swim on April 21, 2011 at 7:56 PM

87 degrees and sunny, Palm Beach is exactly where I want to be right now.  Although the plane ride down was a bit bumpier than usual, Kate Middleton’s wedding plans featured in US Magazine kept me distracted.  Whenever I arrive in the Palm Beach airport, it always smell refreshing: a beachy scent.  I traveled in my city attire, -black leggings, J.Crew navy and beige blazer, crystal necklace, Louis Vuitton tote, and wedges- but once landing I immediately put on some beachy accessories: my fedora and evidence sunglasses.

Whenever I vacation in Palm Beach, I stay at my grandparents house which is always so pleasant.  I just finished unpacking my suitcase which was full of much more than is needed for a 4 day getaway: I’ll be sure to show you my outfits throughout the weekend.  I just finished a light and early dinner -mixed green salad, grilled fish, peas, and cauliflower-, and now I’m sitting in my favorite and most glamorous room of my grandparent’s house, looking at our pool surrounded by gorgeous flowers.

All I want to do is take a dip in the pool, but I’m thinking about waiting until tomorrow.  What’s just as important as having the perfect outfit when in warm climate is having the perfect bathing suit.  Unfortunately, the bathing suits I like tend to be expensive, but splurging on one or two for the season is somewhat reasonable.

Zimmermann, a popular and trendy swimwear line, just came out with a ‘Posy ruffled floral-print bandeau bikini‘ that is stylish and girly.  The multicolored suit is in a painterly floral pattern, and has a very fresh and colorful appeal.  Give yourself a cool and glamorous poolside look by wearing this Zimmermann bikini with a metallic fedora (so chic), a beige and silver hardware beach bag, a beaded wrap bracelet, grey sunglasses, and beige jelly flats with a cute bow.

The bikini is available on for $250.

Beach Sexy

In Holiday, Swim on December 18, 2010 at 9:04 AM

If your gift recipient is going somewhere warm for a holiday vacation, getting her a bathing suit will be a much needed present.  Every cruise season, I try on my bathing suits from the previous summer, and some of them just don’t look as fresh and new as I would hope.  I think it’s reasonable to get one new bathing suit for cruise that you know you’ll constantly use and fits your body to perfection.  It might seem like a challenge, but holiday gift-shoppers can achieve anything.

When I purchase a bathing suit, I look for the right brand, fit, color, and pattern.  Here’s a tip: never buy a solid white bathing suit because white always shows what you don’t want others to see.  I like to buy bathing suits from companies that make bras and underwear because I know if they’ll fit my body or not.  A great company that I suggest buying bathing suits from and are very reasonably priced is Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret just came out with three bathing suits that I love and have great fit, color, and pattern.  The first bathing suit (the first centered picture above) is a twist-bandeau top with double string bottom bikini ($24 for top and $16 for bottom).  I love the pattern and color: black with stripes of color going through.  It also has a removable halter strap.  The second bathing suit (which is the second picture) is a ‘Sexy Sliding Triangle Top’ with a double string bottom ($18 for top and $16 for bottom).  This bathing suit comes in various colors, but my favorite is the electric pink: it will look great whether you have a tan or not.  The last bathing suit (which is the third picture) is by Kenneth Cole sold at Victoria’s Secret.  It is a ‘Plunge Monokini‘ ($98) and is draped with total drama.  I love the cobalt animal pattern in blue, black, and white: if you want more coverage yet to still look sexy, this is the way to go.

All of these bathing suit options are great, but it’s just about finding the one that your gift recipient will like best.  Check them out on