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Winter Cravings

In Accessories, Beauty, Clothing on January 24, 2013 at 10:43 AM
Halston Heritage

Halston Heritage





Could it be any colder outside? Although it’s almost unimaginable, it honestly could be. But that doesn’t mean that wearing a pair of fuzzy sweatpants and sipping on hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows while indulging in Fifty Shades of Grey or Sex and the City re-runs in bed doesn’t sound like the perfect option. However, there’s still work, school, traveling, parties, and other life responsibilities that we all have to attend to. Therefore, we still have to get dressed and keep it chic despite these cold temperatures, so get inspired by some cute pieces (accessories, shoes, clothing, beauty products–whatever it may be) that will make you want to get dressed up this chilly season.

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Halloween Costume Solution

In Holiday on October 24, 2011 at 8:16 AM

preen, rental ~$200 per dress

With Halloween just a week away from today, finding the perfect costume seems to be on everyone’s mind.  Each year, I always hear people scrambling to come up with a fun and creative costume at the last minute.  Thanks to websites like Rent The Runway, these fashion emergencies can be solved.

RTRW came up with 5 Halloween looks by pairing their assortment of dresses with some fabulous accessories.  Who wouldn’t want to be dressed in Tracy Reese, Halston, Calvin, Robert Rodriguez, or Preen?  I know I would!  I also love a great makeover–M.A.C is the best for Halloween (make sure to book your appointment now as I know they book up very quickly)– as makeup is the finishing touch on a Halloween costume.

Here are my favorite looks RTRW came up with for us fashionistas.  I think they are all fabulous options: chic, creative, timely, sexy, and completely stylish.  Start renting your dresses and getting out your candy ladies, because the countdown to Halloween has officially begun.

tracy reese, rental $50

robert rodriguez, rental $125

halston heritage, rental $50

Wedge It

In Shoes on April 2, 2011 at 6:36 PM

Wow, it was gorgeous today in NYC.  The city was as lively as ever where stores, restaurants, Central Park, and the streets were completely packed.  I woke up on the earlier side, and decided to take a power walk to the Apple store where I had to pick something up.  Since it was quite warm out with a cool breeze, I wore leggings, a multicolored blouse, a tan suede  jacket, black booties, and a Louis Vuitton tote.  Since I was in close proximity to Bergdorfs, FYI – across the street, I decided to browse through the store, specifically the 5th floor (contemporary level).  There wasn’t anything that particuarlly caught my eye, although out of all of the labels, Halston Heritage‘s collection looked the best.

After Bergdorfs, I met my great friend Ruth for lunch at Freds at Barneys where we both had yummy omelets: Al Roker was spotted.  On gorgeous days like today, I try to avoid taxis and walk as much as I can, so Ruth and I decided to take a long walk up Madison Avenue to get a cappuccino and cookies at Sant Ambroeus.

As the air got warmer as the day continued, all I wanted to do was get out of my booties and put on a shoe that showed more feet.  I was too busy to change, but the shoe I wanted to put on was a wedge that I just bought at Bloomingdales by Tory Burch.  Wedges are a must-have for Spring and Summer, a shoe that you most certainly should invest in.  I love wedges because they work with different types of clothing, and can work for day and night.

The shoe that I bought from Tory Burch is called the ‘Wood Wedge Espadrille Sandal‘.  I’ve tried on many wedges, and this wood wedge ended up being the perfect fit for me.  The wedge has an earthy yet sophisticated look with its luxurious leather and jute-wrapped wood.

Ideally, I see these wedges with a funky multicolored skirt, preferably in green, a color that was frequently seen on the runways for Spring, with pops of other colors like bright orange.  It’s not warm enough for a thin shirt just yet, so a black leather jacket will look cool and edgy on top.  Accessorize with a great set of gold and orange bangles, green stone earrings, a light brown/orange leather bag to tie in the color from the buckle strap, and black Ray Ban‘s.

The ‘Wood Wedge Espadrille Sandal‘ is available on for $195.  What are you doing on this beautiful Spring day?


In Accessories on January 25, 2011 at 4:59 PM

One thing that can cheer me up during a busy week is watching an episode of Gossip Girl.  Last night, the show returned from a hiatus of a lengthy two months: watching Blair’s old tricks and Serena’s old ways was refreshing.  After watching Gossip Girl, which wasn’t as good as I expected, although still pleasant to watch, I watched a few re-runs of Sex and The City which is now played on E!  As I was watching the show and observing the fashion, specifically what main character Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) was wearing, Halston Heritage started coming to mind: this is because SJP is the Creative Director for the brand.

Halston Heritage (HH) is one of my favorite brands: not just clothes, but HH handbags too.  A few months ago, I blogged about one of my favorite handbags in the Halston Heritage collection, which I have, that was a must-have for fall.  Now that we’re in the Winter and cruise months, it is time for a Halston Heritage handbag that will work great for both climates and in day and night.

Halston Heritage recently came out with a ‘Alice’ Pleated Clutch that is perfect for anything from a Winter night in the city to a hot evening on an island.  The ‘Alice’ clutch is dramatic with its angled pleats, and defines the perfect roomy evening bag.  The clutch is bold with its gunmetal color and will bring a pop of color and shine to your outfit. Not only does the clutch come in gunmetal, but it comes in gold too.  Both colors are great looking, but I personally like the gunmetal the most because the combination of the gunmental with the signature gold Halston Heritage hardware is perfect.

For a casual yet chic evening, wear this gunmetal ‘Alice’ clutch with skinny dark-gray jeans, a dusty brown and gray combo jersey/flowing shirt, high-heel gray ankle booties, and a heavy black leather jacket.  Accessorize with a great pair of crystal/diamond-looking studs, and a gold chain bracelet embellished with gray stones.  The bracelet in the picture is to-die for, and it’s not just because it’s by Lanvin.  Luckily, you can find tons of bracelets out there that have a similar look but are reasonably priced.

The clutch is great, and so is the price.  The clutch is available in gunmetal and gold for $122 (originally $245) on

Ida and Harry At The Fountainebleu

In On Location, Resort on December 30, 2010 at 5:27 PM

Hello from Palm Beach!  I just arrived from Miami, and although I am happy to be here, I miss Miami so much.  I was supposed to stay in Miami for three days, but due to the blizzard -which I am happier reading about in the Post than living in it- I could only stay for two days.  The people, food, scene, and of course fashion make the Fountainebleu resort the hottest hotel in Miami.  Although I was only there for a short amount of time, I am still able to give you a store profile on the resort’s most popular store: Ida and Harry.

The store named after the owner’s grandparents, Ida and Harry is the most glamorous, chic, yet very expensive store at the Fountainebleu.  Don’t go to Ida and Harry if you are on a budget, but do go if you want a guide to the hottest trends or to just splurge.

Ida and Harry is full of a variety of Herve Leger dresses in many colors, a wall of clothing full of adorable winter coats, city-girl blazers, RED Valentino pieces, lots of jeans and leggings, LBD’s, sweaters, and more.  On tables, there are piles of sequin shirts that are to die for by brands such as Halston Heritage.  There are also some cool t-shirts that have a vintage look with old time celebs on it like Elvis Presley.

For those of you who love accessories like me, Ida and Harry has a wall full of shoes that differ by color, height, and brand.  Also on the wall – in addition to on a table- are purses in different patterns, colors, and designers that will both work for resort and once you get back home.  By the register is a case of expensive jewlery that is full of gorgeous pieces, but make sure you really love what you’re looking at before purchasing, because the jewelry is pricey.

Ida and Harry is a store I like to look in more than to shop in, but I have found great pieces through the years on sale, and I am still a huge fan.  Even if you’re not going to buy, check out Ida and Harry if you’re in Miami because it really is a fun, glamorous, and adorable store to browse in.


Multicolored Flap Bag

In Accessories on October 25, 2010 at 3:07 PM

Halston Heritage (HH) defines great colorful, stylish, and wearable clothing and accessories.  When shopping at stores that carries HH, I can’t pass the rack without being curious as to what their new items and colors are for the current season.  You might also know this line from movies like Sex and the City 2.  Halston Heritage was used numerous times throughout the movie like Sarah Jessica Parker’s (SJP) opening white dress- she rocked the look so well.  Let’s “Carrie on”.

Not only does Halston Heritage entail clothing, but now handbags too.  The brand just came out with a purse that I love called the ‘Striped Patent Leather Flap Bag’ that is chic, colorful and fun.  The bag comes in two color options: Scarlet (red) and Carla Lady (yellow).  Each handbag has bright stripes of patent leather in a mix of vibrant and dark colors like blue, lavender, yellow, black, and dark purple.  In addition, the purses are accented with a gold chain that gives the purse edge.  The handbags are sold for $275.

Both colors are cool and fresh-looking.  I own the Scarlet one which I think is better for Fall/Winter, but the yellow is still hip, fashionable, and spunky.  Check out the Scarlet handbag on the Saks Fifth Avenue website and the Cara Lady one on